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Art exhibition ‘XXI’ in Mykonos Town from HOFA Gallery

HOFA Gallery, in collaboration with ARTCELS, launched the contemporary art exhibition ‘XXI’ on August 27, in Mykonos Town.  Works from artists Kaws, Banksy, Damien Hirts, George Condo, and Jeff Koons will be headlining the show.  ‘XXI’ will also be available to virtually on HOFA Gallery’s website. 

The art exhibition will be hosted at HOFA’s new gallery space located near the port of Mykonos.  Artworks by other international artists including Anthony James, Zhuang Hong Yi, Adam Parker Smith, and Daniel Arsham, among others, will also be featured as part of the ‘XXI’ exhibition.  

This portfolio is held by ARTCELS, a digital art investment platform designed to make blue-chip art investments more accessible to young, tech-savvy people around the world. Subscribers can buy shares in the carefully curated portfolio of blue-chip artworks, under the visionary art brokerage of the ARTCELS team, and then enjoy their investments through global exhibitions.  ARTCELS was launched in February 2020 in Mayfair, London.

The ‘XXI’ exhibition launched at HOFA Gallery, Mykonos on August 27 until September 10, 2020. For those who wish to view the virtual gallery, please visit: 


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