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Flavorful Salsa with a unique taste from DATG

Inspired by and infused with the sights and sounds of New York City, DATG salsa flavors include The Original, The Fighter (garlic cilantro), Just Dance (jalapeño pineapple), Now or Never (avocado pepper), and Girls Girls Girls (blueberry coconut). The salsa and tortilla chips are gluten free, vegan and contain no preservatives.

The brand is New York City-based by founder Matt Bennett. “After traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures, I settled in New York City’s East Village and quickly discovered that the salsa selection on store shelves was limited and lacking in quality. So, I decided to start making my own salsa again, building a new type of brand in a space that is stale and DREAMS AREN’T THIS GOOD was born. Our flavors push boundaries with each one being its own experience. Hopefully, people find them as inspiring as we do when creating them,” said Bennett.

DATG salsa focus more on the flavor rather than the heat levels. Each jar has its own unique taste. The Just Dance jar has jalapeño and pineapple flavors and you can definitely taste the pineapple with a hint of jalapeño.

DATG Salsa (Julie Chung/SNAP TASTE®)
DATG Salsa (Julie Chung/SNAP TASTE®)

DATG salsa is currently available in stores throughout the tri-state area including Foodtown, Key Food, City Acres Market, Amish Market, Mekelburg’s, Brooklyn Harvest Market, Westside Market, Foragers, and more.  For each jar or bag sold, DATG donates $.05 to partner philanthropies including Hunger Free America, MTV Staying Alive Foundation, The Center NYC, The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (ACE), Girl Up and LIFEbeat.  You can see the donation statement on the label of each jar as well.

Website: https://dreamsarentthisgood.com/

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